Personal Training/Fitness


Erica Marken

Erica Marken has been a fitness and wellness professional for fourteen years. The first six saw an intense focus on attaining a Master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology, working as a personal trainer, a cardiac rehabilitation specialist and group exercise instructor. Though her career took a detour in 2005 as she gained experience in the advertising and marketing industry, her true passion in wellness and health has called her back, and in 2008, she went back to fitness full time. She is currently a personal trainer and group exercise instructor in numerous facilities around Boston. In addition to her Master’s degree, she is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine and MadDogg Athletics.

Her philosophy is simple and holistic: exercising the body is as important as exercising the mind and the spirit. True wellness is not simply attained by a jog on the treadmill or performing squats. In order to have optimal health, one must treat the body and mind as one entity. Every day, every moment, is another opportunity to make the healthiest choices for your body.

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